There are numerous platforms to explore…HOUZZ, Facebook, Websites, showrooms, magazines, etc. Getting a sense of what you like and may need, is a great starting point. When it comes to functionality of space and materials is where we come in. From the original concept to a 3D rendering and installation. We work with you at every stage of the process to create a purpose and vibrant living space that captures the essence of your living style.


Here are some tips on how to plan the perfect space:


Plumbing and Electrical

  • Redoing any of the plumbing of electrical?
    • If you are not planning on moving the water and drains, the location of these appliances will already be decided for you. you would like to move them, then be prepared to have plumbing and electrical costs. Consider the following:
  • Your sink requires a potable water supply as well as a drain
  • Dishwasher requires a hot water supply and drain access
  • Modern fridges also may need water supply
  • Your stove will require either a 220-volt electric or gas hookup


Stove placement

Placing your stove, whether electric or gas, against an exterior wall allows for simpler installation of your ventilation system. However, if you are set on having a gas range in a central island, this is possible, but will just mean additional ventilation costs


Distance and Clear Paths

Working in a cramp space is far from Zen, it is important to keep a flowing path surrounding your kitchen

Keeping the distance between appliances in mind is also a great tip as you don’t want to be walking half a mile from your counter prep space to your fridge every time you need something. Our goal is creating a space that optimizes your room utilization and your quality of motion.